This is Me!

Photo Credit: Stevie Germanoro

My name is Elaine I have been happily married to my husband CJ since September 2017. Together we have two cats Dusty and Kit Kat and we live in a house in middle of Pennsylvania. I work as a patternmaker at a dancewear company, but I am aspiring to work for myself. My husband works as a civil engineer in the middle of Philadelphia at a small family firm that he loves very much.

We both have over an hour commute. Sometimes this makes it tough to get around to everything that we want to do. We both have a lot of hobbies. I have a lot of hobbies that I drag my husband into helping me with all of them. Including but not limited to photography, sewing, gardening, pottery, home renovation, traveling and all things outdoors!

We (maybe just me, not sure) want to see the world, but our budget is only a shoestring and we both only get about 2 weeks vacation. Regardless we travel as much as possible.  We also find it is very important to both of us to somehow find time to maintain an active lifestyle.

CJ and I are not bodybuilders and you will practically never find us at the gym but health is important.  It is important to us to maintain an active lifestyle.  We want the share how we manage this without going to the gym. That’s not to say we don’t work out, because we absolutely do (well in our own way). We would just much prefer to take a hike to the top of some unknown mountain or paddle around our favorite lake than weight lift at the gym.

And that’s why we are here…. to explore the world, live healthfully and share our adventures. And so the adventure begins!