First Taste of a Castle – Schloss Drachenburg

Schloss Drachenburg aside Rhine River

Castles are real?

Germany is filled with castles!  I had no idea of this until I went to visit my friend, Jen.  When I usually think of Germany, I think about Oktoberfest and timber houses.  You do not find castles around where I live.  Therefore, I do not think of other places as having fairy-tale homes sitting high on mountains overlooking the villages.  Clearly this is not the case as I found out on our visit to Schloss Drachenburg.  In fact, Germany is packed full of these beautiful castles.  If you are looking for as castle to visit, here are a few of the better known ones in Germany with hyperlinks to the official websites:

A little history on Schloss Drachenburg

So my first taste of a castle in Germany was actually the castle ruins of Landshut Castle on our trip to Bernkastel-Kues.  You can read more about it here. But ruins are really not the same as a fully restored castle.  When I found a website suggesting to visit Schloss Drachenburg Jen was totally on board with the idea.  Apparently, it was on her list of castles to visit and she had not gotten there yet.  Schloss Drachenburg sits overlooking the city of Bonn.  We did not spend anytime in Bonn, but it looks like and area with a lot to do.

While we were visiting the castle we learned that it was not really a castle at all.  It had not been built by royalty, but rather by the a son of an innkeeper, Stephan Sarter.  Therefore, it is actually a villa in the style of a castle.  It has some very interesting history that you can hear about if you go, or you can click here to read more.

My thoughts on Drachenburg

Jen and I both agreed that the castle looked like it came straight out of Beauty and the Beast. We were a little underwhelmed because the castle felt less majestic in person than in the photos. The views from the top were beautiful; however, something felt inaccurate or otherwise off.  I cannot pinpoint what may have been wrong feeling perhaps it had to do with the the restoration or maybe it was just the style.  The castle had taken a bombs as well as individuals plundering the contents down to the paintings on the walls.  It is understandable if the restoration may not reflect its once majestic charm.  Unfortunately, we found this to be somewhat of a disappointment. It is worth noting that it was only a 7 euro entrance fee and the views alone are worth that price to me!

The best views can be found at the top of the north tower!  We also made sure to hike up the entire spiral staircase to the top!  I tried to count the numbers of stairs we went up but I lost track very quickly. My guess is somewhere around 100 steps but it is worth every step; I promise!

Let’s Chat:

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  • Tell me about the castles you have explored!
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