Tree Walk- Exercise Excursion in the Woods

Tree-top walk tower in Germany

Stroll Above the Trees!

There are ways to fit in fitness everywhere!  Incorporating exercise into daily activities or travel trips is essential for me to stay happy and healthy.  Unfortunately, not everyone that I vacation with is as inclined to be as active as I want to be.  One of the best ways to get around this is to find activities that can keep everyone moving but are not as strenuous.  During my Germany trip the three of us (Jen, her son, and I) used one of our  days to go for a walk through the trees!

I have heard of treetop walks before, but I have never really taken an opportunity to try one.  I suppose this is because they have only mildly peeked my interest in the past, but also because I am a little afraid of heights.  There are different levels of these types of outdoor adventure activity companies.  There is one in Philly that I have contemplated trying from time to time but I have yet to do so.  After enjoying the treetop walk in Germany called Baumwipfelpfad Saarschleife I may be more inclined to look into the one in Philly when I have some free time.

The Treetop Walk in Germany

Baumwipfelpfad Saarschleife is located in the North East area of Saarland in Mettlach.  It is very close to Luxembourg and on a clear day supposedly you can see Luxembourg. (I think I saw Luxembourg, to be honest, I am not 100% certain if that is the city I saw or not!)  The view from the top is spectacular!  The tree walk is a little less than a mile, but due to the heat wave the walk was more exhausting than expected.  We were all dripping in sweat!  The view from the top was well worth it for the walk and probably for the 10 euros (still debating the price value).

The walk included several different educational activities.  I found these to be very interesting.  I love nature and everything outdoors so protecting it for the future is important to me.  This means any company, place, or activity that builds awareness for nature and how to preserve it gets a thumbs up from me.  I feel that I learned some things here on the trips about the wildlife and trees in Germany.  A downfall on this walk was there were not as many interactive activities as we thought there would be.

The interactive activities are really the best place to get muscles moving (regardless if they are catered toward children!)  Sometimes these types of places offer zip-lines, or slides or wire-bridge type walks that challenge your balance and coordination.  Often times the activities are optional, so it was unfortunate to find that this walk did not include many of these activities.

Here I made a list of the pros and cons in my opinion of this particular tree walk:

Pros of Baumwipfelpfad Saarschleife

  • Easy to park
  • Family oriented
  • Most educational material was available in French, German, and English
  • Handicap Accessible
  • Amazing View

Cons of Baumwipfelpfad Saarschleife

  • Not a ton of interactive activities
  • Not a very long walk (you might think this is a positive, but I would have liked it a little longer)
  • 10 euros (the pricing seems avg compared to similar tree walks, but for the lack of activities I was disappointed with the price)

Let’s Chat

  • Tell me about your experience at Baumwipfelpfad Saarschleife or other treetop walks!
  • How do you incorporate fitness during your vacations?
  • What are other non strenuous exercises that you enjoy with your friends and family that is easy to incorporate into your everyday fitness?

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