Monetizing your Blog

Elaine in her iconic tie-dye shirt.

Starting Somewhere

Hi, I am Elaine… This is basically how I start off every conversation when I meet someone new including my husband (except the greeting I provided for him was preceded with “You are cute!”) So here I am.  Out on the internet.  I am totally new to this, but I figure everyone has to start somewhere.  So far I can tell you it’s guaranteed that the best way to start monetizing your blog is to have a blog and start writing.  It is definitely hard, um impossible; to reach a goal if you do not start doing it.  I also know that I am not going to write an entire blog about how to make money on blogging, when clearly I have only lost money thus far!  Once I succeed, I will be sure to share the details!

I bought this website 2 weeks ago and I have every intention of turning it into my lifestyle.  For the last 2 weeks I have been tinkering and fiddling with the details.  Researching everything from “how to create a blog” to “how to change the font”.  I have very little expertise in blogging, and furthermore I have no idea how one can make this into a career.  In fact, I did not even know that it was possible to earn income through blogging until I met a girl who is doing it. I used to work with Ashley from FitMittenKitchen and she does not know it yet, but she is definitely one of my inspirations for deciding to do this.  I know that it’s possible to monetize a blog, and I have seen people do it.

Forming my Blog

I like to write and take photos. My plan is to travel the world, but of course that is contingent upon having the funds and time to do so.  Unfortunately, vacation time is hard to come by and I definitely do not have a ton of money.  What I do have is the internet at my disposal. I have the power of Google.  My mother’s father used to say that “if you can read, you can do anything.”  Maybe I am a dreamer, but I do believe this to be true.  Think about about all of the times that you have googled for answers to your questions.  Practically everything I type into that search bar is an effort to find an answer.

In addition to my passion and determination I have an intolerable husband.  He will be very upset with me if I pick up one more side hobby that does not produce any results.  I will admit that I have a lot of interests.  It makes it difficult for me to follow protocol and narrow down my blog niche.  I have a clear focus in my head.  On paper it looks a lot more scattered.

Initially, when I came up with this idea that I wanted/needed a website in order to monetize my (new hobby of) photography as a service.  I am still interested in photographing you or your events and if I am lucky you might contact me through this website!  My vision for this website/blog is to document my travels and everyday fitness adventures!  I want be healthy and show you my world through my camera.  But life is an adventure so things could change as I dive into this unknown world and try to turn this into a professional looking website.


Let’s Chat:

  • Tell me a little about you, and your adventures!
  • I would love any advice you can give me for blogging or starting a blog!
  • What cities or countries would you like to here about from me?

Let me know your thoughts